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Our range of services include Finance & Accounting, Customer Services, Digital Back Office, Technology, Market Research & Analytics.


Finance & Accounting

ZT offers an extensive range of client centric finance and accounting solutions to deliver optimized


Customer Services

Client relationship and satisfaction are paramount to our business. ZT believes in establishing



There’s an ever greater pace of change in society with people living and working in an increasingly…



ZT is considered as a trusted advisor for organizations all over the globe. With a major emphasis on implementing technology…


Market Research & Analytics

Delivering benefits that accrue from perceiving market requirement, ZT provides…

Lead Management

Easy nurturing of the client according to their stages. ZapTech creates the best environment for the client to grow …

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) greatly helps to improve your enterprises quality and fertility. It will also help to improve your performance with on-time delivery and increases the potential of your organization

Our Heroes

What’s happening inside our space?

Hi, this is Priti Kushwaha and I wish you a life full of colourful joy and laughter this Holi. Holi is celebrated to mark the onset of summer and the end of winter. It marks a new beginning by the destruction of the evil. In......

A girl child in Indian society is lead by many traditional customs. Right from the ancient wisdom of being a Guru and educating the society, to creating beautiful rangoli on every occasion, She is always into her traditional roles and responsibilities. An Indian woman today......

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” Empowered are the people who think they can do it and lead the way for the other after doing it. Beginning from the office premises at 5 am, twenty-nine individuals......

This Republic Day, team ZapTech brought a unique venture to support Nirmal Seva Foundation’s Nirmal Mahila Vrudhashram (Handewadi, Pune) with floral plantation. ZapTech family got together to celebrate birthday of our leader, Shamlee Mhaske and first work anniversary of our leader, Rohit Pathak. Also upcoming......

The CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) unit of ZapTech FMRM (Female Management Review Meeting) celebrated a unique initiative to curb noise pollution. The CSR team formed of Komal Gupta, Priti Kushwaha, Khushboo Zunj, Neelu Malkapurkar, Vipika Kotangale, Rohit Pathak, Prakhar Gupta, Vaibhav Karanjikar, Akanksha Rasal and Sharad......

Featured Sectors

Our range of Sectors include Life & Pensions, Insurance, Retail & Logistics, Telecom & Media, Utility.

Life & Pensions

Our professionals have provided companies, just like yours, with record keeping, administration


Commoditization of the insurance products has significantly increased with the growing competition…

Retail & Logistics

Outsourcing business processes to ZT facilitates their satisfactory completion, without placing…

Telecom & Media

Outsourcing to ZT ensures that important tasks are being executed by well-trained…



When it comes to the utility segment which manufactures products on which the customers rely…


In the new world, each worker trusts they are a business visionary.

They assume responsibility.They deal with their profession yearnings by comprehension and playing to their qualities and gaining by open doors for development.

To empower this, associations must give an open, representative driven condition that enables people to act naturally.

Under Careers at ZT, we’ve created different activities to understand this objective.