No Smoking Day

Team ZapTech celebrated the theme “Love for yourself “ this Valentine’s day.
As we are supporting “Healthy and Wealthy Growth”, the team observed a “No Smoking Day” to take care of our health. We would continue to observe “No Smoking Day” on every third Thursday of the months to follow from now.
With the co-ordination from the admin team, the habitual smokers were able to resist smoke for the day. During the break hours as well as login and logout hours, no one allowed the team to smoke and return.
This is the stepping stone to imbibe healthy habits among all. The smokers who were able to resist their urge for smoking are as follows:
Enosh David,
Ravikiran Singh,
Peter Malkapurkar,
Bharat Negi,
Shamlee Mhaske,
Rajeev Sharma and
Avinash Kushwaha.
There was a tremendous co-operation to correct unhealthy habits.
With the efforts from the team the “No Smoking Day” would turn into “No Smoking Week” and also “No Smoking Month”.