About Zap Tech

We believe in people, the people who have made the company, the people who work for the company and the people who believe in our values and give us an opportunity to serve them. At Zap Tech PVT.LTD we are committed to all of them and are committed for the progress of every one of them.

Zap Tech has accrued vast experience to handle and outsource projects/job work/campaigns in various verticals of BPO/ KPO including the technology that supports these business processes.

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Our Company Mission

Partnering with the best talents in the industry who are committed to the personal and professional development and service

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Our Philosophy

Creating a fun working environment that enhances interest, productivity and performance.

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Our Great Vision

Building key relationships with industry players through sound and ethical business practices.

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Our Approach to Service

Zap Tech has changed the way you think about business process outsourcing. We take the time to get to know our clients, their industry, and their business drivers through an intensive discovery process to ensure 100% alignment on corporate objectives. When we form a unified goal through collaboration, your success becomes our success.


Established in 2007, Zap Tech is one of the fastest growing Professional services company into Business Process Outsourcing & Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Zap Tech has been serving both the public and private sectors in US and India since 10 years and has 100+ staff based out of 2 offices across 2 cities –Pune and Bengaluru.

Zap Tech’s tagline is grow with us and we believe in growing together. We believe in our mission to optimize operations. We have faith in our methodology because precision and thoroughness enhances efficiency. At Zap Tech, we choose not to look to the accomplishments of the past; but instead look to the opportunities of the future. Our business model gives us the ability to scale up rapidly.

Areas of expertise are BPO, KPO, RPO, Consulting and Training Services, Retail, Telecom, and Utilities.

In this age of fierce competition in the business world, companies strive for quality at a lower cost to achieve higher top-line growth while simultaneously maximizing their bottom line.

Zap Tech was formed to cater to the needs of companies to remain competitive in their respective marketplace.

We place a high value in our human capital by providing them with the highest level of training, a compensation, and benefits package that rank at the top in the industry and offer programs that allow our employees to grow in both their personal and professional lives. A happy employee only benefits you, your business.

We have handpicked our management team to bring the vast knowledge and experience to the organization so as to ensure that our service levels are maintained at a high level of quality at all times. At Zap Tech, we realize that our strategic asset is our people. This is where our investment is and will continue to be. This allows us to manage your customer relationships as our own.

  • • It is our mission to provide our clients with high-performance customer acquisition and service solution that deliver one of the industry's highest returns on investments and providing high-quality service while continuously improving, innovating and optimizing resources.
  • • Zap Tech is a rapidly growing organization with a mission to build strong client relationships and strategic partnerships through quality people, excellent service, and superior technology.
  • • People lie at the nucleus of all our operations and therefore, we lay utmost emphasis on skill enhancement and employee development to achieve our mission. Zap Tech provides for incessant employee learning and advancement through specifically tailored training and career development programs.
Our mission is to improve the corporate world by helping clients with world-class BPO and KPO services

# Assess their needs

# Determine their objectives

# Assist them to accomplish their goals


We want to achieve heights with the collaboration of our endowed team and help them grow with us.

Our core values :

Dedication and Commitment

Results Oriented

Excellence and Innovation

Accountability and Integrity

Zap Tech will provide you with the skills, expertise, and confidence to excel in this industry. Our growth ambitions demand that our organization has a structure and culture that make us fit to win in a fast-changing environment. Above all, they require us to find and develop the industry's best talent and leaders. As we continue to grow each year, opportunities in the company broaden as well and we invite you to participate in contributing to our on-going success. By joining our family, and as you invest in our organization, you will be able to build relationships and strong bonds that will last a long time.


We envision a world wherein communication forms the core of all business processes. Technology allows the global community to freely publish and decimate virtually unlimited information. Technology today means unprecedented global progress in productivity, knowledge. Our values help us drive our objectives and provide us with guidelines by which we achieve meaningful results.

Zap Tech is a known outsourcing partner in the industry with diverse & versatile experience into multiple domains from Telecom, Utility, etc.

Zap Tech has been into existence since inception works with an attitude of “From the People & for the People”. The vision/focus has always been employee satisfaction because that leads us to keep our partners happy. With a multi-cultural environment for employees from different states/part of the nation has helped to achieve our aims into each domain.

Employees – The Pulse of Zap Tech had always supported to make wonders happen among the competitors.

Benefits - Satisfaction is what Zap Tech aims at when offering benefits. It may seem few or may be extra, depending on each employee perception but we strive to offer the best to each one of them.

“Dreamers Wanted” – If you think you have that dream that does not let you sleep; come join us and we shall help you to fulfill them.

Why Us

The organization endeavors to attract and retain the best talent in the industry through its rich HR practices and world-class facilities. We seek to establish a work culture that fosters excellence, constant learning, and team spirit. Zap Tech is an employee-friendly workplace with a fun-filled environment where our team members look forward to each exciting and enjoyable day at work.

At Zap Tech, we focus not only on building a satisfied team but on building careers. We provide our people with unparalleled growth opportunities, both personal and professional. Zap Tech values talent by continually rewarding and recognizing superior performance.

Boasting of a world-class work environment with an open & broad-minded work culture, Zap Tech provides a holistic compensation structure where - apart from a fixed salary - employees can look forward to a highly rewarding performance-based incentive.

Zap Tech specializes in providing international as well as domestic call center support 24 hours a day. We help you through the entire process, including hiring, training, and monitoring all phone agents. Our full administrative and management staff is committed to finding you the best agents. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and technical and sales support for your customers so that you can focus on other areas of your business.