Corporate Responsibility

Our guiding spirit tells us that businesses should positively impact communities. By touching the hearts and minds of the underprivileged through philanthropic deeds and enterprises we sincerely believe we can lend our own humble might to the cause of social development.

ZT regularly conducts events, activities and cultural programs aimed at bringing warmth and joy into the lives of the needy people in society.

Women empowerment is a must for the betterment of our country’s future,as women are better manager than men.They can properly manage both her house and office in a systematic way as compared to men.

ZT is leading the way for women to rebuild our society that would take us all on a path of greater development.

The most successful companies are those that have transformed their company Into community.Within a community individuals find meaning, develop their capacities to their highest potential and take purposeful action. A community works for 100% of the people in the organisation – free from the destructive habits of sexism, racism, paternalism, and cynicism. At the heart of these companies lies learning, cooperation and continuous improvement.

Transforming your company into a community starts with one first step: developing a new mindset. A mindset that seeks new possibilities and a hopeful future. A mindset that nurtures a desire to contribute and serve. A mindset that strengthens a culture of collaboration. A mindset that is imbued with soul.

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