Who we are

Zaptech is renowned business outsourcing, sailing its boat well in the field of Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The company was established in 2007 and is functioning fluently over more than two decades.

The focus of Zaptech has been towards serving international client’s from USA as well clients in India, including public and private companies. The company has total staff strength of more than 100 along with many more to join in future. Zaptech is functioning actively from two major IT cities of India, which are Pune and Banglore as their current branches and looking forward to spread its network towards more conventional geographical locations.

The tagline of Zaptech is, ‘Grow with us’, to which the company fully puts its efforts and beliefs. The company has so far made sure that there is always an overall growth and scope of future learning for everyone, associated with Zaptech. At Zaptech an insight of past accomplishment is used as a map to acquire various future milestones. Our business deal assures the certainty of rapid growth for all.

The company always believes that the real strength of any organization lies in its people. If we have the right human resource and we can contribute to their overall learning and development. Wonders can happen with a mutual support of every employee altogether. As we make sure no one is left behind. At Zaptech we entitle ourselves to walk a journey of business taking every employee together and growing together.

Till date, Zaptech has acquired huge experience in handling as well as outsourcing projects/job work/campaigns in various verticals of BPO/KPO with a technology that is suitable for these business processes.

In the present scenario, of cut throat competition in the world of business, every company looks out for better quality services and products at lower prices, so as to maximize their interest of profits. Keeping the same thought in mind Zaptech was found, with a motive of catering the needs of the companies and to be an efficient competition in the market.

Thus we emphasize a lot to work on our human capital, by giving them the best possible level of training, along with compensation and perks that are the best as per the current industry standards. With this we also offer programs that allow our employees  to grow personally as well as professionally. As we believe that a happy employee leads to a beneficiary business and work environment.

However Zaptech doesn’t believe in old age hierarchy system, but it does have a top level management to look after the rest of the teams and train them well. The management team is a result of various visionary people coming together to flourish one idea and take it further. Hence the whole organization inherits a lot of experience and knowledge from the management to better the quality of services and apply the expertise to work. Our organization has understood that the real secret of success of any organization lies in the quality of its employee. Similarly the organization invests most of its time and capital in its employee’s development and trying hard to deliver the expected results so far.