Prashikshanam means training:
Prashikshanam is all about training and assessments of all humans. At ZapTech we treat customers and employees alike. When people prove their credibility, with their 5 different qualities then they are given the title ‘Zaper’.A Zaper is any one who is associated with ZapTech and who is coachable. We are keen on upgrading them through will-drill-skill, monitoring, observation, analysis, engagement and displacement. We solve problems considering them to be opportunities and treat them as case studies. We research around them 360° and find the root cause of it. We take the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats) of people quarterly and check the process and technology (PPT). That’s where we get retention. Customer or employee or Zaper for life time.

As ZapTech is a brand people trust, they are bound to it and remain bound till their lifetime. We strongly believe in team work and the power of it. As a team, we have mastered the knowledge processing and transfer as knowledge grows when passed on over the years to the next generation.

When exactly we need to train Zapers?
There are various scenarios when we can train the Zaper in order for them to develop decision making ability. They are:
1) When they are onboarded.
2) When they are going for a new role by promotion.
3) When they are displaced for the exposure of a new process or for ‘will-drill-skill’.
4) When they are confused (RX sessions).
5) When they are not able to differentiate problems from opportunities.
6) When they have lack of imagination.
6) When they have not yet developed the 5 qualities of a Zaper viz.

I) Leadership,
II) Coaching,
III) Planning,
IV) People Management and
V) Communication

Why training and assessment are needed? Why did we introduce Prashikshanam?
To develop the skills like:
1) Critical thinking
2) Team work
3) Sense of ownership and accountability
4) Sense of community.

The assessment report would give us two dimensions:
1) Organizational analysis
2) Personal analysis (SWOT and trump card)

A Training must always follow by an assessment:
1) Zaper for a lifetime:
The journey of each Zaper begins right from the onboarding, nurturing, creativity, identification, skill training, process training, continuous assessment through will drill and skill.
2) Grow with us:
When we process the knowledge and transfer it to the next generation or the Zapers then, we use our communication skills and develop coaching ability in ourselves. In turn, we get the people management ability. We try to plan and solve people’s problems that gives us the ability of the forecasting. The forecasting preparation would develop the planning skill eventually. When a person acquires all the four skills. The person by default would become a leader with leadership qualities. That’s how we grow people.
3) Train them and treat them well:
We train all the Zapers alike and treat them well. We make sure to train them as much as they can leave us anytime and at the same moment we make sure that they would want to be with us forever.
4) Developing organizational skills:
Time management, honesty, being coachable and many such skills would develop organizational skills in a Zaper. We strive hard to put in all the efforts towards the same. We develop critical thinking capability alongwith teamwork. This is the key ingredient for our organizational success.
5) Methods of assessment:
Online, offline, verbal, telephonic, forms, exam-papers, software tools or a combination of any of them would remain the methods of assessment. Virtual simulation environments with the help of AI would be the next level of assessment of a Zaper.
6) Continuous learning through engagement:
We all know that there is no age to learn. We can learn at any age by the sheer will to learn and grow. We all Zapers believe in a strong team bond through a healthy engagement amongst ourselves. We believe in learning from our failures, taking accountability, correcting them and moving on. We imbibe among ourselves a trust that would never break and a loyalty that would always be cherished. We eat together, smile together and bring smiles to everybody’s face together. Our passion, our commitment remains unmatched when we work in a team.
With Prashikshanam we are building a business hub and an incubation that provides consulting and advisory to everyone. We grow people firms and ideas because we are dedicated to woman empowerment and Corporate Social Responsibility. We understand the value of togetherness and human connection.
7) Make smooth transitions in the business:
In order to grow a person or an organization, we need to keep changing continuously and upgrade everything. To match with the market speed, we keep our business speed to help people grow.