Consulting & Training Services

Training Partners also offers Training Consulting Services designed to provide a learning and development framework in line with your business strategy and to assist your companies with your human resource development in an organized and structured approach.
Our Training Consulting Services framework describes our methodology, which is broadly classified into four different stages, each with its own unique characteristics and deliverables. We add value to your business at every stage of our framework and give you the flexibility to engage us at any point.


Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis assesses your organizational business requirements and identifies the training required to meet the job function and business objectives. Benefits of the Training Need Analysis include a well-defined competency requirement that is matched to each job role.


Skill Audit

By applying a consulting methodology supported by a series of manual or web-based assessments and reports, we provide customized skills assessment for specific key functions and technologies for organizations. Key benefits include the ability to assess the current skills level of the staff/department, identify specific strong points and weakness of the various departments, staff and skill areas.


Customized Learning Program

While some Learning Program needs can be met using off-the-shelf training or electronic content libraries, they may lack the mission-specific contents or relevant perspective to fully support your organization’s objectives. Many organizations require bespoke Learning Programs, with multiple delivery methods that are specifically tailored to address their unique objectives and business needs.


Managed Development

Post-training assessment refers to the development of an assessment test for students who have completed the training. The results of the assessment will reflect the key learning the student has gained from the training.

Monitoring support provides level 3 and 4 evaluation to measure the extent of knowledge that the student applied on the job and also the return on investment on the business.

  • We offer training consultation services and conduct an extensive training need analysis on your behalf.
  • Using our collaborative approach, we work with you and/or your staff in a coaching and advisory role for all your learning and development needs.
  • We offer learning and development programs that are designed to meet the needs of your organization, staff, project managers and line managers.
  • Our training solutions facilitate in-depth knowledge sharing and interaction to enhance your skills and inspire your business talent.


Key Benefits

  • Our training programs are customized and designed to fulfill your organizational needs
  • Training Programs are conducted by highly skilled, professional, bilingual/bi-cultural trainers.
  • Extensive and well-planned course structure from an industry point of view.
  • Provide training services that can improve and broaden the skills and capacity of your workforce.

Our learning partners are some of the most respected names in the area of training and development. Our in-house team of IT and HR professionals assist these trainers and learning partners for all their technical and non-technical requirements.


Business Consulting

From conceptualization to strategizing to execution – Business Consulting is one of the tenuous jobs these days which requires a rich corpus of knowledge to help businesses sustain and grow in a changing environment. As businesses usher into new domains and develop marketing plans, business consulting helps organizations increase their efficiency and meet their goals.

And, with the team of industry experts at ZT, you will get to identify prospective areas of future development as well as a more comprehensive and strategic approach. We at ZT also assist the organization in optimum utilization of existing resources and they are guided step by step on how to capitalize on the latent opportunities. Search engine and other strategies will be built, business practices will be designed and work model will be developed accordingly. Then, a solid framework will be created for the execution of a plan. During the execution, our team will constantly monitor the progress and perform alterations accordingly.

So our objective is to assist organizations with the best of ideas and strategic approach to help them accomplish their goals. Following are the services which we provide in Business Consulting:


Startup Consulting

Starting up a business can be a daunting task, especially if you have no knowledge about where to begin from and how to go about it. So whether you have an idea about what kind of business you want to establish or not, we at ZT provide all the so..[ ]


Why collaborate with us?

  • Aligned expertise with your business goals
  • Excellent user experience through products
  • Enhanced & streamlined information base
  • Improved customer satisfaction & business goals
  • Reduced support & training costs


Why hire us?

  • A less-than-thorough job can cost more than money; it can cost you in time & customers.
  • System evaluation for more efficiency because your customers know what to look out for based on their past experience.
  • New & out of the box perspectives that were never considered ever before.
  • The trained team of professionals who understand a various range of usability evaluation methods.
  • Development experience in creating better applications for more satisfied and productive users.


How can we work together?

  • You can define the scope of the project with us in order to establish goals & expectations.
  • You know what you want to accomplish with your product & explain in detail to us. We are good listeners!
  • You can determine in advance that how changes will be implemented, & then we can plan a timeframe for the implementation.

We can suggest you keep the end-user as the focus of usability-related changes, not management’s expectations.