Manufacturing revolution profoundly altered the business world as companies reinvented how they built things to be more efficient and productive. We believe it’s time that companies apply that same level of scrutiny and commitment to marketing and sales. Our research is increasingly clear: companies with better marketing and sales capabilities grow faster. At a time when growth is not only more important but arguably more elusive than ever, companies must tap the potential of marketing and sales to deliver better results.

The sales group is the lifeblood of a company. They are responsible for taking the product or service to market and delivering contracts. They are the face of the company and make the deals to supply to operations. But, from where do the sales group get their leads?

Linking Sales with Marketing and Operations An entire organization needs to operate together. Many businesses miss out on additional revenue and lower costs by not creating an environment built on communication and cooperation. Sales groups must be directly tied to marketing and operations. The sales team is responsible for working with customers and filling needs to create sales. They are only one portion of the value stream. The entire value stream of an organization includes marketing and operations, as well. Operations Marketing Sales

By developing a marketing and sales strategy, you understand the type of clients you are going for by developing a strategy to approach those clients to buy your products/services. You must understand your demographics so you can develop a proper strategy that will work.