Dusherra Celebrations at ZT

Dusherra Celebrations at ZT

Dusherra Celebrations:

Dusherra is all about defeating the evil and letting the light of the good to all. According to the epic Ramayana, people put the evil – Ravana on the fire on Vijaya Dashmi. Nine days prior to this, they all perform durga puja, do garba and awaken the goddess. Team ZapTech and Avaiil co-working family celebrated the best Dusherra ever together. There was fun, food and soul. The day team was lucky enough to get a catch of it.

1) Zaper engagement: Game (Stare and don’t laugh)
The day shift team alongwith the Avaiil coworkers were together invited to play a game of staring at their colleagues without laughing. It was a fun experience with lots of laughing and people used creative techniques to make them laugh. The winner of the game were Swapnil Rathore, the Avaiilite and Prakhar Gupta a Zaper. Small groups were formed in order to do the staring activity. This created an aura of laughter in the floor and we went back happily to our already decorated workstations.

2) Puja performed by our mentors (of all gadgets) and Refreshments:
The Dusherra Puja was performed by our mentors Priti Kushwaha and Khushboo Zunj. It included purification of the workspace with also the purification of all gadgets like the computers, cellphones, telephone extensions, servers and many other things. This is a traditional part of the Dusherra celebration. The place was adorned with marigold and tuberose flowers. Sweets were distributed to mark the defeat of the evil. We had prayed together for the betterment and to give us the strength to fight evil.

3) Workstation decoration competition:
Workstation of all Zapers were decorated by themselves on the auspicious occasion of Durga puja and Vijayadashmi. All Zapers participated enthusiastically in the same. There was pictures depicting Dusherra and wishes were pinned to the workstations. People even had Garba Dandiya decorated in their desktops. The beautiful sight of the workstations was the best part of the day. Infact, we should keep workstation decoration for every theme. People love it a lot.

4) Conquering the evil and the inner fight for peace:
Contentment is what everyone seeks in their lifespan. The happiness that one gets from helping others is the happiness we cherish. In order to help people, we must stay strong. We must remain patient and keep moving on. We all have a person inside us that tells us to always to the right thing. We sometimes arrive at a situation where we need to make decisions. In business if there is a loss for a person, there is profit for the other. But in life, we always learn. We must always keep the learning. This is how we battle the evil and make it go.