Football Match

It was a fine weekend where on Saturday there were moonlight, a green field, two goal posts and one aim in the mind, and that was to score a goal. The much awaited football match began at 7:30 pm at Sportzone in Nyati County, Mohammedwadi, Hadapsar. Playoffs were like White team vs. Red team out of which Red won. Second match was Blue team vs. Black team out of which blue team stood the winner and then was the final i.e. Blue team vs. Red Team, out of them; the Red team ruled the roost. It was a spectacular field with all the facilities of a great experience.


1) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
ZapTech is keen on supporting the challenged and we support few orphan kids who stay in Nirankar Balgram. As the ZapTech CSR program, we have had planned to give to kids an exposure to the real games of the world. The four of the kids from Nirankar Balgram have joined us in the grand football event. Their efforts turned into the team’s victory. They all belonged to the winning team called Red team.

2) Women Empowerment through women engagement:
When we talk about empowering women, we talk about engaging her, giving her the opportunity to lead. The captains of all the teams were women again. This is a culture that is followed at ZapTech. Nidhi Swamy, Krutika Jadhav, Priti Kushwaha and Rakhi Tiwarkhede were the captains of all the four teams. They exhibited exceptional team skills to lead their teams towards victory.

3) Engaging Families:
The families of all the Zapers with the management graced the football match. This event was a delightful experience for husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and even the kids of the Zaper family. The new Zapers who were onboarded fresh were also there to cheer the team and play their best moves. Not just playing but passing on the spirit of championship and legacy to the next generation was something found rare that was exhibited. The coworking community at Avaiil joined us to bring in more than just enthusiasm but to reach the goals when needed.

4) 1st Anniversary of Software Development Process:
The special occasion was the first birthday of Software development process lead by owner of Ecommerce House, Rakhi Tiwarkhede and the co-owner Rohit Pathak. Congratulations and keep the flame burning. They have made it through all the storms and now they are ready to take on more.

5) Birthday Celebration:
Our director Rakesh Zunj, had his birthday celebrated on the field in the midst of the next generation. All the little children who were a part of the ZapTech family liked to be a part of the small refreshments that were arranged. It created an aura when there were photo sessions conducted with the teams. The photography taken care by ace photographer and Zaper Prakhar Gupta.

We work for the delivery of every promised service or product. Our clients love this feature about us. The engagements in the direction of holding a strong ethical culture of corporate social responsibility imbibes in every Zaper, a meaning in their life and women encouragement promotes women to take stand in a too often dark world that discourages women. ZapTech like a mother nurtures everyone and becomes the light of their lives. Where women become the managers, as they are naturally accountable; this idea itself leads Zaptech towards “Global Village” with the environment of collaborations and advisory.

“Football is not just a game, it is an emotion. Emotions help us express. Express what we want to achieve. And kicking into action is how we get our goals.”