Group Study On Investment.

life never stops teaching. With the day to day work, you should also keep education yourself, because knowledge makes you smart than others. With this background, Zaptech started a group study activity named ‘PULP SESSION’, and today’s topic was Investment. Here I will share what I learned in today’s session about investment.

Earning a good salary package and if you don’t know how to invest it, let’s learn together how we can invest our money and live a financially happy life.

First, let’s understand what is an investment, “Investment is committing of resources to achieve a financial goal or things in the expectations of a positive return or profit from its use”. Well, there are many ways to invest your money safely and securely to gain a benefit. For example, in real estate investment, you purchase land or property and you sold it in future it will give you an appreciated profit on your investment.

“I am earning a good salary but was not aware how to invest it. Well, investment is not only for those who earn a good salary it is for everyone who is earning something every month because it’s not about how much money you make but how you use it smartly. One day I was going through my expenses and savings then I realize that my expenses are much than my savings and then decided to do investment for my future financial goal. I started educating myself on investment so that I can invest my money in good and profitable returns through various type of investment safely. And I started investing my money in mutual funds which is one of the best ways to invest your money for long and short term. I invested my money in the long term in mutual funds and got a good profit on it. So I will suggest each and everyone to educate yourself on investment and make your future financially secure and healthy”

Type of Investments

There are two types of investments long term investment and short term investments. Short term investments are those where you save your money for small period which returns you with some small interest amount. Where long term investment is, your invested money will earn for you for a long period of investment and gives you high returns on invested amount. If you are investing few amounts of in any bank for a particular time period your money is secure with the bank but returns will not so high and if you are investing in long term investment such as mutual funds where risk is high but the returns are also high.

How to Invest your Money

Well there are many ways you can invest your money, investing money in only one option can be not profitable but putting your money in the various type of investment will definitely give you appreciated returns. For that first divide your money into various investment options to get the possible returns. So that you finally have your dream education, vacation, owns house and much more. For investment go max with 10K every month and keep around 50k in your saving accounts so that in an emergency you can just simply swipe a card and take it out.

I believe you are clear about investment and will definitely educate yourself for investment and start doing it.