Happy Holi from Empowerd

Hi, this is Priti Kushwaha and I wish you a life full of colourful joy and laughter this Holi.

Holi is celebrated to mark the onset of summer and the end of winter. It marks a new beginning by the destruction of the evil. In India, women and men apply colours to each other to mark each other to be equal. Some people might not feel right to get colour applied to themselves by their friends but this festival is to bring teamwork and positivity amongst all. That’s why they say “Bura na maano, Holi hai (Don’t feel bad, it’s Holi)”

This year an epidemic virus is spreading across the globe and we certainly need to cure it. We must go green and not use chemical colours to celebrate Holi. We must not waste water to celebrate this beautiful festival as in few villages, it is still difficult to get water for even drinking.

Taking care of health and hygiene is a great way to stay fit this Holi. Our mission is to enlighten people in the right direction and bring happiness to their lives this Holi. Our brands love to do it. Now let’s take a sneak peek into our brands.

Empowerd: It helps people with four-dimensional growth through Health education, Skill Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human to Human engagements. We believe this Holi, we must contribute our best to collaborate with like-minded humanitarians through Empowerd. Have a safe, organic, healthy and Empowerd Holi. “Swasth sharir me swasth mashtishk ka vikas, yahi hai Empowerd ka vishwas”.

Prashikshanam: Study, Examination and Recommendation- This Holi we recommend you to remain indoors if you have a cough and cold and also, eat nutritious food to fight Corona Virus.

ZapTech: Grow with us- Building people along with building a business is not that easy. We need to dust away with a broom and welcome the new ideas that make people groom and nurture. ZapTech is a Gurukul where we teach people to be entrepreneurs and every entrepreneur is a leader. Leading with an example is easy when we are together. Warding off all the pains and starting fresh this Holi.

Avaiil is all about aligning variable artists to innovate ideas for your lifestyle. They are the truly collaborated ideators who apply ideas to their businesses. The artists are collaborated to create an environment of successful implementation of ideas. Wishing you all an innovative Holi this year!

Our brands are curated to address every possible dimension of your life and fill your life with a colourful blend of tastes to suit everyone.

Happy colourful life!