Let us we act upon making the world a better place

Millions of women face several health issues and suffer an immature death because they lack personal hygiene. Especially because they do not keep a precaution, while their menstruation cycle and don’t keep a track of periods. Several more reasons are also related to this. Under the philanthropy work by Zaptech, the organization decided to spread awareness about these menstruation problems and hygiene issues.

Zapetch is a strong believer of social help towards women try to extend a helping hand as far as possible for those sections of a society where women are still waiting for hope to arrive. On 28 May 2019, teams of employees from Zaptech, went to the slums of Pune, and approached women of various households to come out and understand their basic presentation, related to periods, maturation cycle and personal health and hygiene care.

All the women and girls of various households were approached to come out and assemble in a common hall of that area. Where they were instructed, regarding various health issues related to menstruation cycle, how important it is to track periods and what is importance of using clean pads and taking care of your health during periods.

Preeti Kushwaha owner of philanthropy work led by ZapTech headed the movement and took a lead in spreading awareness about menstruation issues and precautions. She shared her experience, “It is easy to sit in your little beautiful bungalows and give a lecture on the importance of personal health and hygiene, but more than that it is necessary to reach towards them who need our helping hand. Even small gestures and little efforts can make a lot of difference in someone’s life. I believe in the same philosophy, hence philanthropy is not just a task for me, but a great hobby, which I follow with passion.

When I decided to go for this campaign, I was pretty excited, but when I reached the place and saw the conditions, it was far worse than I expected. The view made me realize that something needs to be done as soon as possible, at whatever scale possible, with whatever you have. I saw women living with families, in tiny single rooms. They don’t have access to clean bathrooms, no privacy to change pads, no hygiene, and cleanliness. The view itself gave made me understand the level of difficulties these women go through, while they on their menstruation cycle every month. At some point, I was amazed to see their strong spirits to smile in such critical conditions, whereas people like us might not even imagine pathetic conditions like this during our periods.

We, as women are not only supposed to understand the pain of other women but responsible to heal other women too. A healthy woman is a foundation towards a healthy society and everyone needs to understand this. Menstruation cycle is not a stigma or curse, it’s a biological process to let women heal and be healthy by periods. But this simple fact has still become a taboo to even have a clear discussion on, which is making the conditions of women during periods even worse.

Peter, expressed his opinion about the campaign, he said, “Since childhood, I have come across many incidents where men tried to prove them stronger than women. Today when I realized what pain a woman goes through during her periods, I am crystal clear that women are stronger than men. Sadly there are still such stigmas that women aren’t allowed to enter the kitchen, temples or holy places. Also, they are assumed to impure during menstruation cycle. This is such a disturbing thought. So far, if we assume women or girls to be impure during periods, how come a man is not impure, who have been born just because a woman has the courage to bleed every month and bear all the pain and trouble of menstruation. A lot needs to be done and still, huge strata of society are dealing with various stigmas and taboos. We as the responsible citizen of this nation need to do as much as we can”.

Prakhar, a trainee at Zaptech, who accompanied this campaign as the photographer and volunteer, shared his view, “Sometimes while capturing a moment, we do capture the feelings as artists. It is unimaginative to think about what sort of pain a woman goes through and then useless to comment on the same. Periods, menstruation cycle, usage of pads, maintenance of health and hygiene are basic topics we all need to be aware of and then make others aware too. I am thankful to my company to let me be a part of this campaign and have this experience, as a lesson for life.

Shamlee Mhaske, who played an important role in organizing the campaign, voiced her experience, “It might feel exciting to do such events but not at all easy when actually performed. We as a team had to choose a slum are first, and then we went to almost every household and requested the ladies and girls to assemble together in a commonplace. Then we distributed sanitary pads to them. Mrs. Kushwaha, then briefed the women about the period track, menstruation cycle and its importance, need to maintain personal hygiene and causes ad precaution to avoid health issues related to periods, like PMS, PCOS, anemia and more. The number of women who showed up for this discussion was less than expected. Hence we went back again to every household and distributed pads as well as explained them individually about health precautions for periods and menstruation hygiene.