Valentine’s Week: Love for Yourself

Team ZT celebrates, “Love for yourself Day” in office premises.

  • Each member contributed to loving their own self with different activities.
  • Also as per “Healthy and Wealthy Growth” Program, the team conducted “No Smoking Day“.
  • It is a nice idea to gift yourself a bit of good health by refraining from smoking. The admin team did not let the Zappers bring smoke to the office. They did not let Zappers enter the premises after smoking.
  • The team adhered to this healthy practice and fell in love with their own health.
  • This is a stepping stone in the contribution of good health.
  • The event team also conducted “Propose the lady” activity.
  • The guy needs to pick up the chit with a girl’s name.
  • The guy then proposes the girl whose name was picked in the chit.
  • Now here there is a catch. For proposing the lady the guy needs to make use of the style and words written on the board that girl cannot look at. At last, the girl had a ring gifted.
  • All members acted well.

The event was a huge success.