No Honking Day

No Honking Day

The CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) unit of ZapTech FMRM (Female Management Review Meeting) celebrated a unique initiative to curb noise pollution. The CSR team formed of Komal Gupta, Priti Kushwaha, Khushboo Zunj, Neelu Malkapurkar, Vipika Kotangale, Rohit Pathak, Prakhar Gupta, Vaibhav Karanjikar, Akanksha Rasal and Sharad Laad (Volunteer) in association with Spherule Foundation celebrated “No Honking Day” on 12th Dec 2019, 8 am to 10 am at Season’s Mall Square, Hadapsar, Pune. It was a sunny morning where the CSR representatives from one of the best BPO companies in Pune carried banners about “No Horn Please”and created awareness among the ongoers on why is it important to reduce noise pollution.

Pune is the noisiest city in Maharashtra at 84.8 dB . The permissible capping limit is 65 dB. It is very important to take action not to produce noise pollution. With increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is essential to ban too noisy horns and be stingy using the horn. Noise pollution has long term side effects of psychological stress on a human being and the ecosystem.

Ways to reduce vehicular noise pollution:
1) Sound insulation: The source from which the noise is being created can be reduced. Horns and engines of sports vehicles must use muted throttle response.
2)Creating awareness: Making people practice patience on the road not to use horn.
3) Avoid loud horns: Making sure our vehicles have all the functioning to be well. E.g. engines to be well serviced and horns do not have a loud noise. In case, they make a loud noise, then you may get them checked by PUC (Pollution Under Control)

It is highly important for people to learn to be patient on the squares and not to use horn together on a red signal. The lifestyle of people in Pune is all about studying and doing a corporate job where people are fond of their vehicles. Patience and humility is getting depleted in the society.
It is towards a greater good that ZapTech has taken this initiative to help people learn to remain calm on the road and reduce noise from blowing the horn.

ZapTech believes in creating a society to empower women and supporting philanthropy. This is the agenda which drives our vision. That’s why in every CSR initiatives, you will always see women to be equally engaged in such acts of benevolence.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for the volunteers to interact with the normal passers by from the road as it gave the exposure to all to interact with people from all walks of life.
All in all the campaign was a huge success with people smiling and looking awestruck at the volunteers.