Nurturing the future

An awareness program was conducted at Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2, Lohegon Pune. The program was conducted at the school campus, on 24 April 2019, where the employees of ZAPTECH volunteered actively for same. It was an awareness campaign for adolescent health awareness lesson. Where terms like menstruation cycle, periods and sanitary napkins were discussed and understood.


Ground reality

There were ample amount of volunteers involved from various organizations and companies for the event. The kids from age group 9 to 14 were chosen for attending this program. In total 300 kids attended the program, where they were made aware of the adolescent health issues and measures to take.

Understanding the need of time children were made aware of terms like periods, menstrual cycle and other aspects like period pain, period tracker. They were informed about what is the basic biological procedure of the menstrual cycle, the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and health care while periods. They were also informed about how to use a sanitary napkin, menstrual cup, and other related products.

Importance of event

In today’s date not only for women but it is equally important for men to understand what critical role menstrual cycle and period play in terms of health and hygiene. It is not just a gender problem but a situation of humankind to be understood and handled altogether for a healthy future of all. The awareness program included not only female but male students as well. They were both made aware of the menstruation cycle in details and what are basic steps to be taken for them.

Awareness for using sanitary napkins was the highlight of the event; it was made sure that the stigma implanted in the minds of the society shall be taken away at the right time and age. Hence the students were made aware of every menstrual cycle and period related aspects and problems in detail.

Zaptech’s role in the campaign

Even before attending the event, there was a pre-event meeting discussed at the company office where all the employees participated. Their knowledge of periods, menstruation process and usage of sanitary napkin and health and hygiene issues were understood and taken note of.

The discussion was conducted to have an insight into people’s general views on such crucial topics. It was understood that the stigma still exists among people when they are expected to openly discuss periods or sanitary napkins. This discussion provided an over view about the major areas one needs to work on. The areas where rectification of thoughts and perceptions are much needed in today’s generation kids regarding health and hygiene.

Zaptech beliefs of women empowerment

The basic policy of Zaptech has always been a strong supporter of women empowerment in whatever ways possible to whatever extent possible. Hence in association with POSH Act awareness, Zaptech employees willfully volunteered the awareness program at school, which was regarding the awareness of adolescent health and hygiene. Being a part of this event the employees did share their views regarding the event.

Vipika, who is a Technical lead at Zaptech, said,” it was a great opportunity to relive childhood when I became a part of this event. Watching the kids and managing them throughout the event gave me a feeling of happiness. Periods as a term which is known to all and people still they deny discussing it. During my teenage, I always felt the need for discussions on the menstrual cycle and their health and hygiene-related topics. I feel it’s high time to break the stereotype and let kids know about things like menstruation cycle, periods and sanitary napkin at the right age”.

Shamlee, Manager and Communications head of Zaptech, expressed her views and experience after volunteering the event, she opined, “It is very shocking to know that lakhs of women still lose their lives because they are unaware of basic health and hygiene habits related to periods, or else they don’t have access to sanitary napkins. I am glad various organizations and government have made several initiatives in the past few decades to tackle this problem. I feel it is necessary to let kids be aware of menstruation cycles and the importance of using sanitary napkins, menstrual cups or other health hygiene methods”.

Peter, voiced his opinion on the same, he said, “As men, we are no way delighted to feel unaware of these issues.  Menstruations, periods, sanitary napkins and menstrual cups; these terms are not something to be segregated towards a particular gender. It is the responsibility of men too, to understand the process and help women be aware of it as far as possible. A healthy family and healthy world are not created on the basis of stigmas it is made on the basis of mutual understandings”.