There’s an ever greater pace of change in society with people living and working in an increasingly digital and mobile world.

Over the past few years, companies have taken many routes to digitizing the front ends of their businesses to create seamless customer interactions—for instance, building mobile apps that make it easier for customers to, say, order clothing or open a bank account.

To ensure greater success with those efforts, companies may want to consider ways to digitize their back-office functions, which in many companies are handled by shared-services organizations. These groups typically manage and deliver technical and administrative support in areas common to all business units in a company, such as finance, human resources, and IT. In many cases, they undergird core business functions. In a financial-services setting, for instance, the shared-services organization might be charged with processing loan applications or insurance claims. By incorporating automation, virtualization, advanced analytics, and other digital technologies into their operations, shared-services organizations may be able to streamline processes. These technologies also may enable them to make better decisions and improve the quality of internal and external customer interactions

Customers are demanding much more in terms of consistency of quality and 24-hour access across communication channels of their choice.

As the pressure grows on private and public sector organisations to adapt and flex to keep up with people’s demands in a fair, considered and cost-effective way, companies are turning to specialist providers such as ZT to access expertise and resources to help transform their business practices.

With its wide range of services in the digital space, ZT is well placed to meet all your digital needs.

Our services include:

Web Operations

  • Website design and development
  • Web content and merchandising
  • Repographics
  • Imagery
  • Email design
  • Tablet/Mobile optimization
  • Testing of digital media
  • In-store media

Channel Management

  • Email management
  • Web chat
  • SMS

Inducing channel shift towards digital platforms


At  ZT, we have been growing our capabilities in line with changing customer preferences. Our mature practice with digital channels (email, web chat and sms) means we can work with you for a seamless transition of your offline brand promise to a superior online experience.

With our digital channels, we can help clients with managing customer contact, including:


  • Customer enquiries
  • Customer complaints / escalations
  • Orders and Deliveries
  • Sales and Service through web chat