Every kid is talented and can do wonders, if given the right chance. Indeed there are many children out there who are not in a situation to reach towards opportunities. In that case it sometimes becomes important to bring the opportunities towards the unprivileged ones, who are waiting hopefully for it.

As summers are here, we can see school closed and kids are outplaying on those warm, windy evenings with each other. In this scenarios, to make sure that no kid is left behind, in spite of any circumstances they are living in, Zaptech in association with Spherule Foundation, organized a talent show program for under privileged kids, in a slum area near Vishranthwadi, Pune.

The efforts were taken to bring smile on the faces of these kids through small gestures of love and care towards them. The program was scheduled on 7th of May from 4pm to 7 pm, where almost 35 kids participated in the talent hunt programs. The information of the same was communicated and circulated in the area prior only.

Zaptech always believes that it’s not just the monetary contribution that can be only way to help people, but most of the time, when people invest their time and skills that creates a great impact. Hence before the program was to be held, a pre event meeting was conducted and suggestions were welcomed from every employee on their individual level. Regarding their views and ideas to get these kids more involved and grow better. On a brighter side, employees did show an interest and giving away already read books and any such used or unused materials that can be helpful for kids.

The program was organized on a lighter note with an agenda to setup a mentality among these under privileged kids, that at different levels of life, they will get chances to showcase their capabilities and talents. Hence they shall be hopeful and keep up their dreams alive. The message went well; kids did participate with enthusiasm and surely enjoyed the program. A refreshment distribution program was also conducted after the talent hunt show, for the kids. The refreshment was given to the kids on behalf of Zapetch.

Many employees were a part of this event and they made sure they experience the beauty of the event thoroughly being present at the event. Rohit Pathak, a trainee at Technology house of Zaptech, who was a part of this event, shared his views, “When we join a certain company, the fixed image of work culture gets settled in our minds. I also expected a routine work, fixed lunch timings, weekend parties and some general employee events at office. As this is what we see and experience in all the organizations or corporate houses so far. Here when I got a chance to be a part of social services, it first surprised me. I was glad that things for which we cannot take out time from work and use as an excuse. My company is allowing me with a platform to do it along with my work. Working in corporate, earning a fix salary at the end of month and taking all other benefits might sound fancy, but going on the field and helping those kids to grow and enhance their skill, with our mere support, gives such a satisfactory feeling within”.

Shamlee Mhaske, Communication officer at Zaptech, shared her views, “It’s been a long time since I am getting various opportunities at Zaptech to get myself be involved in such activities and the more I get involved the more it motivates me for living a happy life. I am glad that I am part of such organization that thinks out of the box. Instead of making its employee’s burning the oil to make maximum profits, we are asked to go out and help people in the field during our work hours. That requires a great thinking and real intention to help people”.

AvinashKushwaha, CEO Zaptech, Opined his views on the same, “It is easy to be boss but tricky to be a leader, because it is not only enough to think you are a leader, but you must be able to influence people in the right way. Henceforth letting people know their own leadership skills, is also a very crucial job of the great leader. I am still trying to be a good leader and also making an effort to break the stereotype. I wish to ensure that the corporate working employees can directly be connected to the society and help them. Sometimes it is just waste of time money to set up a special department an

d let them only handle some particular social corporate responsibility work, especially in small organizations. Many times corporate houses use it as an excuse too. The lack of setting up a special department and doing big projects to change the society is not the problem. Problem is the unwillingness of not starting from right where you are, and I as a leader not just wish to influence my subordinates, but make them great leaders too and moreover a good human being, rather than just live machines”.