The Amazing Sinhagad trek on Sunday 16th Feb 2020.

The Amazing Sinhagad trek on Sunday 16th Feb 2020.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

Empowered are the people who think they can do it and lead the way for the other after doing it. Beginning from the office premises at 5 am, twenty-nine individuals started for Sinhagad on the lovely morning of Sunday 16th Feb 2020 in tempo traveler that took them at the foot of the mighty mountain. The team arrived at around 6:30 am at the foot, playing bubbly music in the tempos and singing songs. The spirit and energy were contagious that made all to move and gear up in the chilly February morning. The team from the day shift and the night shift have gathered together to have a wholesome breakfast before beginning to climb. The climb has been not so steep at first but till the time the team was about to reach the peak, the climb was so steep it was 90 degrees of pure mountaineering. It was not so easy to go to the top without the team’s support. The entire trek was marked by the extraordinary teamwork. The best achievement was every single person was able to reach to the top.

Marking the 1st work anniversary of our beloved Mr. Sourcing, Prakhar Gupta and also the multitalented, Khrievino Ruhotso on the occasion of the trek, there was a cake cutting ceremony at the top of the mountain. Also the upcoming birthday of Mr. Prashikshanam, Avinash Kushwaha was celebrated. Mr. Kushwaha leads the “Empowerd” agenda of Health by the regular gym for all including himself.  He has successfully created an environment that nurtures talent and builds the strategies.

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the sumit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

While coming down from the top, many needed each other’s support but in the end, everyone was happy and excited for the next. In true sense, it was a green adventure for the team with the overwhelming response and everyone from the team is fitter and stronger for the years to come.