The first impression is always the most important.

That’s why confidence is so important and a good host or hostess is able to instill a sense of confidence in the team, colleague or business. Out of all the busy time, our employees stepped away from their work for a Pulp Session at ZapTech Pvt. Ltd on Tuesday, Feb 12th, to involve in an attractive event. “How to be a Charming Host at any Event” was so important and vital at this stage when we are taking our company to a Next Level with digitalization.

Krutika Jadhav was the featured speaker, inspiring employees and colleagues to understand the key area which shall help them become a Charming speaker and leave an impact on the crowd. Following are the dots under the spotlight by the speaker confidence, knowing your crowd, creativity, rehearse (Prepare), quick response to question or concerns and so on. That was an interactive session where Krutika shared some personal experience and attendees shared their experience and ideas.

The event came to edge with motivation and learning where all the attendees left the room with some new knowledge which shall stay with them always.