Retail & Logistics

Outsourcing Services That Provide a Distinct Advantage for Retail Businesses

Operating Efficiencies

Outsourcing business processes to ZT facilitates their satisfactory completion, without placing undue stress on internal employees. ZT has qualified and experienced professionals on board who get to work on the process with an in-depth understanding of the requirement. Results are delivered in a timely manner, as per the pre-defined schedule. With processes being implemented cost-effectively, Retail businesses can focus on growth areas, such as innovation, value addition for the customer, supply chain and logistics, production, operations, distribution, brand positioning, and portfolio expansion.

Scalable Processes

At the time of a sale or marketing promotion, customer demand may spike, putting increased pressure to deliver the requirement. At other times, the spike may not be as predictable - such as in the case of a supply chain roadblock that halts order fulfillment. With scalable resource capability and 24x7 operations, ZT will support your business through periods of normal business activity as well as escalating demand.

Collaboration and Customization

We work in close collaboration with your team from the beginning for the Service Level Agreement (SLA), to build a thorough understanding of the requirement and your business challenge. Our services are tailored to match your business objectives.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Whether the target audience is B2B or B2C, Retail businesses have to ensure customers are satisfied with their services. With integral support from ZT for key business processes, your organization can ensure that customers are receiving responsive and personalized services. This will improve satisfaction, loyalty, and recommendations in the long run.

Technology Advantage

Technology drives efficiency in the digital age. ZT employs best-in-class technology to facilitate the seamless completion of tasks. We either identify the right application for your outsourcing requirement or build one designed for your specifications. We also have strong IT infrastructure that can be relied on for continuity of the outsourcing process.

We increase your customer loyalty through excellence of execution and, expertly trained team of caring customer service representatives.

Shopping for a new way to approach customer service and support? Look no further. ZT is the leading solution to your brand’s service needs. Take a stroll through our selection of options and find the perfect fit for your brand. Whether you’re looking for omnichannel support, industry-leading flexibility during the holiday season, advanced security or simply the best in quality, you’ll find an innovative and unique solution is waiting with the Arise platform.

Sales and Lead Generation

  • Identify Prospects
  • Generate Appointments
  • Nurture Leads
  • Create and Format Proposals
  • Research


Predictive Dialer

Dialers are used to enhance productivity. Predictive dialers are used for Inbound and outbound operations.

Voice Logger

To record telephonic conversations for quality and training purposes.

Voice Connectivity

Voice connectivity with multiple telecom providers.

Data Connectivity

10 MBPS 1:1 leased line connectivity with redundancy.

Data Storage Devices

Highly secured data storage devices with back up.

Customized CRM / Client Portal

We create CRM for all our clients and the access is given to the client to monitor the operation remotely.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response system to collect financial information from customers in a secure way.