Telecom & Media

Outsource to Zap Tech to Get an Edge in the Telecom Sector

Operating Efficiencies

Outsourcing to ZT ensures that important tasks are being executed by well-trained, dedicated professionals who give priority to accuracy and speed. Results will be delivered as per the pre-defined schedule on a consistent basis. Outsourcing will enable your internal employees to focus on specific growth areas of the telecom business - such as monetization of infrastructure investments, building new capabilities, optimizing the product and service portfolio, improving the customer experience and innovating new business models.

Scalable Processes

A dynamic telecom business will go through periods of lulls and increased business activity. For instance, the number of inbound calls can increase when a new product is launched. At such times, having ZT for an outsourcing partner will ensure that processes go on unhindered. Along with 24x7 operations, we have the scalable resource capability to cater to an increasing project requirement.

Collaboration and Customization

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is developed in close consultation with your team, after thoroughly understanding your business challenge and requirement. We customize our services as per your specific need, and this helps to ensure that results are aligned with your business objectives.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

In the telecommunications industry, customer satisfaction is affected by service levels, service rates, bonus features and customer service, among other factors. Whether your audience is B2B or B2C, outsourcing to ZT will enable you to streamline the customer experience with regard to data processing, customer service, and other related aspects. Our responsive and high-quality services will help you to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Technology Advantage

We employ best-in-class technology to facilitate the delivery of the desired results to your business. If the ideal application is available in the market, we identify and utilize the software, or we build one from scratch based on your specifications. Outsourcing to us prevents your having to invest in technology in-house and spend on its maintenance.

Our unique first-contact approach works to drastically improve customer satisfaction and retention. Our change-management process empowers us to manage any telecom related account while ensuring that key industry changes are identified and adhered to.

Telecommunications is a huge market with several specialized fields. Here we are only referring to telecommunications that relate to the consumer business of cellular phones and data. All companies require an effective and efficient business management process and this can give companies a sustainable competitive advantage in the fast-changing business environment of telecommunication. In the Telecommunication Industry, the core competencies required for a company include such things as marketing, supply chain management, resource development, etc. But there are other business processes that can be outsourced to ZT as well, such as billing services, customer relationship management, customer acquisition and pre-qualification, and human resource management.