Shared Services

The question of continued value contribution is a constant one for shared services organizations (SSOs) that have come through the ‘build and implement’ stage. With ZT leaders having a more significant business background and being accustomed to developing and utilizing a strategic plan, we can expect to witness more strategic planning for SSOs. Over the past few years, corporations with existing SSOs have been challenged to develop a strategic plan that supports the needs of the SSO and their companies.


Unfortunately, most of us have participated in a strategic planning session that resulted in the plan sitting on the shelf, only to be revisited at next year’s session.


Our customers told us that the biggest challenge they have is constant change. One of them have more than 700 analysts responsible for a total of 2000 distinct.

Risk & Compliance

Any operation with material impact on financial reporting and regulatory compliance requirements must manage significant risk factors. An HR Employee Service function operates…

Transition & Transformation

Increasingly, providers are finding that there is a limited universe of like-work available. So, where can shared services go next? All too often, shared services becomes a solution…

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