Our customers told us that the biggest challenge they have is constant change. One of them have more than 700 analysts responsible for a total of 2000 distinct business processes. You can imagine the speed at which new ones are added and existing ones are changed.

Increased visibility into the actual execution of these process would require IT, process owners, project managers and line management to fine-tune the organization and detect problems.

Most standardized, repetitive processes, like invoice entry, order processing, claims management can be verified using screen recording solutions. Audio, video and screen recording technologies are the foundation of contact center quality assurance, ZT provides real-life input into the quality management of any business process.

Involving everyone in Quality Management

Whilst a screen recording solution can measure and improve service quality of standardized back-office processes, the solution is not about recording everyone, all the time.  A carefully planned quality management program provides incentives for everyone to use this new technology.

Consider the following scenarios:

Best Practice Training

after evaluation the best examples can be published back to the team.

Online Desk Manual

during process and software introductions simple videos can be created with audio explanations of activities.


rarely executed process steps can be recorded by employees for their own future reference if needed.

Evaluating New Software

analysts using a new or updated software solution can be asked to manual start/stop recording during their work, which can be evaluated immediately by a supervisor, process manager, software developer, each getting different, relevant information from the actual use of the software.

Measuring Training Programs

analysis can provide quantitative measures into how training programs perform in the organization.

Reporting Software Issues

by the click of a button solution problems can be recorded and narration can be recorded, the video might also show retrospective events to cover cases where an error is hard to reproduce.

Managing And Collaborating With Home Office Workers

a person in a home office can easily show problems, issues to their supervisor.

These solutions can increase efficiency, and instead of looking over the shoulder of an employee, or booking and initiating a conference call with an expert, this solution can simplify work.