Transition & Transformation


The second phase in the migration project is the Transition phase. Our main objectives during this phase are:

  • Work shadowing to train new recruits in the migrated countries or units,
  • Roll out new application tools and systems,
  • Build-up relationship to local colleagues,
  • Maintain and track Knowledge Transfer Plan,
  • Knowledge transfer, mainly of unit specific process exceptions,
  • Preparation of status reporting (Migration Readiness Plan),
  • Establish cost and service baseline,
  • Sign-Off SLA’s,
  • Build-up relationship to local team,
  • Sign-Off Migration Readiness and Knowledge Transfer.


Increasingly, providers are finding that there is a limited universe of like-work available. So, where can shared services go next? All too often, shared services becomes a solution in search of a problem. Providers who are unable to adapt and manage new forms of leverage are at best leaving opportunity unfulfilled, at worst being left behind.

Those who successfully transition their shared services enterprises demonstrate four key attributes just like us:

  • Proof of results
  • Business assessment of next steps
  • Preparedness to manage new forms of leverage
  • Willingness to be unconventional