Happy Women’s Day: A message from founder’s Desk

A girl child in Indian society is lead by many traditional customs. Right from the ancient wisdom of being a Guru and educating the society, to creating beautiful rangoli on every occasion, She is always into her traditional roles and responsibilities. An Indian woman today is technology driven, working from home and the head decision maker of the household. The Indian society now seems to accept females to be powerful, intelligent and socially responsible.

A female no longer has to be “nice” and “kind” always. They can go “blunt” or “aggressive” with children they raise to teach good habits. They no longer have to constantly apologize for being themselves and as they work, they no longer have to be criticized for demanding anything and standing up for themselves, they are not being hostile anymore. They are no longer treated as bossy and are financially independent. They deserve an equal pay and equal opportunities at work.
Women are great at negotiations in the market and deserve all the respect and class in the society as men do. They are no longer turned down of job opportunities being pregnant.

The leadership, ownership and accountability can be learnt and taught to all from females. Care and nurturing are inherent in all women. Blended with the right direction and mix of technology and lifestyle, they can create the good and destroy the bad. Humility at its best can be learnt from women as they feel all the emotions very well.

We at ZapTech through Empowerd have achieved a milestone of women engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility and Human to Human interactions. We believe in success is a journey with lots of steps. Our women engagements create fruitful event plannings, forecasting and knowledge transfer for the future leaders. They are leading with an example for all and continue to grow and nurture the society.

Our vision is to empower women through skill development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), health awareness and human to human interactions. We progressively develop competence, career and care to bring the best of our empowered women who later on empower their counterparts.

I wish you all a very happy women’s day!